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Bandai has acknowledged roster error on DMX2, no timeline for when devices will start shipping again
Bandai's Digimon X Page - 21:49, 19 Apr 2022 ET

New DM20 English colors coming this fall
Digimon Con - 01:57, 27 Feb 2022 ET

Agnimon and Wolfmon DiM Cards announced
Digimon Con - 23:08, 26 Feb 2022 ET

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Here you will find all the resources you need properly care for your Digimon Virtual Pet, including evolution guides, growth charts, manuals and more. Choose which series you would like information on below. The Digital Monster Ver.20th does not have an official name in English beyond Digimon, but is generally sold as a Digimon Original, DigiMon DigiVice or 20th Anniversary Digimon.

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