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Welcome to the Digitama Hatchery

Here you will find all the resources you need properly care for your Digimon Virtual Pet, including evolution guides, manuals and more. Choose which series you would like information on below.

Hey there, my name is humulos and I'm the one what made this site. First things first, I do not own any of the images of Digimon found on this site, which are all property of Bandai. Most of these images were taken from Wikimon, while some of the sprites were reproduced myself. The evolutionary requirement images were put together by me, but feel free to use them for your own purposes. Otherwise the entirety of the layout shown was put together by me.

I do have Google Analytics setup on this site just to be able to monitor site usage. I do not collect any personal data, nor do I inject any other kind of cookies. While the main page of my site does have targeted ads, this page does not, and never will, since I don't own Digimon and do not intend to make money off of something like this. This page is intended to be used solely for informational purposes.

While much of this information has been officially revealed by Bandai, 95% of it was determined by the Digimon community before that information was released. Thank you to those at WithTheWill forums, /r/digimon and the DDC who helped in gathering information for this huge project. A special thanks in particular to BladeSabre at WTW, who personally provided a large chunck of the results shown, and who's work in Digimon Arduino has made it possible for more information to be gathered. Thank you also to bludragon1220 who helped me assemble my own Arduino, which has been very useful.

This is just a random side project I've chosen to take on, so improvements will generally be on the slower side. I won't be accepting any kinds of donations to fund development, as I use this hosting for multiple projects, so I'd be paying to keep this all up anyway. However, this site did take a LOT of time to create, so if you'd like to do something to show a bit of gratitude, go watch one of my YouTube videos at youtube.com/humulos. I do get paid for those, so every view is very helpful!

And if you want to keep track of updates, follow me @humulos on Twitter. Anytime I update it will be posted there.