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Hey there, my name is humulos and I'm the one what made this site. First things first, I do not own the rights to anything related to the Digimon brand, which is propery of Bandai Co., Ltd. This includes the Digimon names, imagery and the devices themselves. This is purely a fan endeavour to document information about Digimon Virtual Pets for the benefit of the community, and does not take away from the devices themselves.

Certain features on this site operate using cookies or localStorage to improve your experience. In addition, Google Analytics is used to monitor site usage, while Google AdSense is used on the main page for displaying targeted ads. This is not meant as a money-making endeavour, the ads are meant to just recoup some of of the costs of hosting and time spent working on the site. The full privacy policy can be found here.

This is just a random side project I've chosen to take on, so improvements will generally be on the slower side. I do not accept commissions to implement specific features, but if you would like to donate to say thanks, there is a donate button in the site menu you can use to do so. I've put in hundreds of hours at this point, so donations are much appreciated!

  • humulos - Creator of the site. Responsible for layout, coding, database management, content writing, image editing and hosting. Primary researcher for device operation, Digimon stats and evolution requirements. Organizer for community research initiatives to be used for this site. Connection code interpreter and conversion script writer for Digimon 0NL1NE. Sprites created by humulos or via community initiatives organized by humulos are also provided to Wikimon.
  • Bandai Co., Ltd. - Owners of the Digimon brand, along with all images of Digimon characters and electronic devices used and referenced on this site.
  • Digimon Web Official Twitter - Evolution requirements for the Digital Monster Ver.20th, some evolution requirements for the Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th and Digital Monster X Ver.1.
  • monkeybard - Supplier of all cut-in sprites for the Digital Monster X and Digimon Pendulum Z series.
  • Wikimon - Supplier of most the handrawn artwork and all sprites not recreated by humulos or the Digitama Hatchery community.
  • Nhoko - Primary source for information on the Digimon Pendulum Original and Digital Monster Original
  • PurpleFlurp - Organizer of the Digimon Pendulum Original pages for this site, responsible for their coding, content writing and database creation. Researcher for additional details on the Digimon Pendulum Original.
  • BladeSabre - Creator of the Digimon Electronics Communication Project. This project is the basis for Digimon 0NL1NE, and has allowed additional details such as Digimon Index and Power to be documented on this site via connection code interpretation.
  • bludragon1220 - Organizer of the Digimon 0NL1NE website, platform and community.
  • Technologies used include HTML, CSS, PHP and mySQL supplemented by the jQuery library and tablesorter plugin.
  • Special thanks to the various communities and individuals that have supported me and shared their time and knowledge to make this site the best it could be.

If you want to keep track of updates, follow me @humulos on Twitter, or join the Digitama Hatchery Discord Server. Major updates will be announced at both locations.


You can see what improvements are currently being worked on by clicking here. If there is an improvement or feature you would like to see made, fill out the form below to request it! Just make sure to check the feature tracker first to see if someone already requested that improvement.

On the Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th, which Vaccine Digimon evolves into Marin Angemon?

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