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Digital Monster Ver.Revival

The Digital Monster Ver.Revival is a modified release of the Digital Monster Ver.20th, sold through Premium Bandai Japan as a pre-order item. While mostly identical to the Digital Monster Ver.20th, there are indeed some changes, which have been outlined below.


Screen Contrast

The screen contrast has been modified for better clarity compared to the DM20, though it is a bit on the light side. Not quite as light as the DMX2 though. Overall improvement. The refresh rate remains the same, as opposed to the smoother animations seen on other modern devices.


Poop frequency has been greatly reduced, which was a common complaint with the DM20. The device still doesn't make a sound when your Digimon poops though.

Evolution Times

The evolution timer now continues to move forward while your Digimon sleeps, so evolution occurs much more quickly. The Baby II stage has been increased to 12 hours as it is on other modern devices to accomodate this.

Versions and Exclusives

The Ver.Revival Brown and Ver.Revival Gray register the same as any other Version A or Version B DM20 respectively, and will count as such for connections. This means that the Brown contains the Taichi Digitama, while Gray contains the Yamato Digitama.

Unlocking via Connection

The lofty requirement of connecting to 5 other devices to unlock the device's exclusive Digitama has been reduced so that the Ver.Revival Brown needs only to connect to any Version B DM20, and the Ver.Revival Gray to any Version A. Just that one connection will unlock the egg. In addition, the DORU Digitama is still unlocked the usual way, by connecting to a Version C, D or E DM20.


It's gone. Your Digimon just has to not be starving in order to fight.

Cold Mode

Freezing replaces napping, allowing you to indefinitely pause your Digimon. Turning the lights off for a Digimon past their bedtime will always make it sleep, it cannot be frozen even if it was woken up.


Tag training now only requires you to successfully land 2 out of the 5 hits, instead of 3. A successful tag training will completely refill the Strength Hearts of both Digimon, instead of the usual 1 Strength Heart.


The method for overfeeding remains the same: feed your Digimon until it refuses. The difference is that it will now refuse after just one extra piece of meat.


When viewing the stats menu, you must hit A to scroll through, B will not work. The splash screen reads Digimon R instead of Digimon 20th. There is no option for Tamer Name. The D-1 Grand Prix passwords are removed as was the case with the English DM20. All copymon from the DM20 series can still be received. The connection data on the device is entirely identical to the DM20. It is not possible for Wingdramon and Groundramon to evolve into War Greymon and Metal Garururmon.

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On the Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th, which Vaccine Digimon evolves into Marin Angemon?

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