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Before you remove the battery tab, it’s important to know what the buttons on your device are. The three buttons to the right of the screen are; from top to bottom: A, B and C. Their functions are as follows:

Button Combos

Sometimes you can press two buttons together to create a different effect. The following combos exist:

What’s that really small button?

That’s the reset button! You shouldn’t need to push it very often, but if at any point you think you want to reset your Digimon, you can press this button to soft-reset your Digimon, which brings up the option to Load or Reset. Choosing load will make you set the clock again, reroll the daily XAI and then bring you back to the most recent saved state of your Digimon. Choosing Reset will erase EVERYTHING, so be careful.

Can I remove the battery tab now?

WAIT! Let’s make sure you know what the Menus are first.


Your Digital Monster X has several icons above and below the screen. The icons bring up different menus that are vital for raising Digimon. Here’s what they all do.


Various important stats about your Digimon appear here.

In addition to the above stats, the following stats aren't displayed on the Stats screen, but are still important.

Food and Items

Pets need food to survive! In addition to the two traditional types of food, there are several items that can be gained from battles and random encounters. These items are found here as well, and can be found by pressing the A button while looking that the Meat and Protein options.

For quest items, you are only able to use one at a time. Your Digimon will refuse another quest item until you have completed a battle in quest mode.


Training is the primary way of adding hearts to the strength meter, and the only way to add hearts to the effort meter. When you do a training, you get .25 points on the effort meter, so four trainings will make a full heart, regardless of whether or not they are successful. Your Digimon will also lose at least one gigabyte of weight every time they train. If training is successful, you will also gain at least half a strength heart.

There are two training modes, normal and excite. Normal uses a fixed speed for the Attack Meter, while Excite relies on your Daily XAI roll to determine speed. The Attack Meter has an arrow that moves back and forth, and when it is stopped, this determines your attack pattern. Every Digimon has 5 types of attacks, which determine damage dealt in battles. When the meter is stopped on a taller section, stronger attacks will be used, so always try to stop on the highest point of the meter. This becomes easier as you level up, as the higher points of the meter will become wider. After the meter has been set, your Digimon will fire several shots, and be awarded a score of either Bad, Good, Great or Excellent. The results of these scores are as follows (COMING SOON):

Quest Mode

Battling is a HUGE part of Digimon culture, and apparently this time they're battling to be the ruler of the old Digital World or something like that. But Gran Dracumon has other plans? I dunno, it's a V-pet, don't worry about it. There are 31 areas to battle through on your quest, one of which has to be unlocked by battling a White device against a Black device. Each area has a certain number of battles, and beating all of those battles will clear the area and give you a prize. If you defeat certain Boss Digimon, you will unlock them as evolutions that can be achieved. You must defeat each Digimon in a single area without being defeated yourself, otherwise you will need to start that area over. Items will make the battles easier, as will using Digimon at higher levels and higher evolutionary stages. Keep in mind that battling makes your Digimon hungry, and if they run out of Hunger hearts, they can no longer battle. If this happens in the middle of an area, you will be forced to retire. longer areas have rest stops, so make sure to feed your Digimon at these when they come up.

The first time you go into Quest Mode each day, you will roll the XAI. The roll of this XAI will affect how much experience you gain from each Digimon that day, as well as how difficult the fights will be.


Poop is such an iconic part of the Digimon experience that there are over a dozen Digimon built entirely around POOP! Your Digimon will poop as time passes, and sometimes it will unleash a JUMBO poop. Just select this icon to clean it up, and make sure you never let 4 piles accumulate, or else your Digimon will get sick!


When you choose this icon, you are given an option for On and Off, and these options do different things depending on whether your Digimon is tired, sleeping or frozen. Failing to put a tired Digimon to sleep will result in a care mistake. A sleeping Digimon will still grow, and may even evolve while sleeping, while a frozen Digimon does not grow at all.  When your Digimon is frozen, its sprite is replaced with a refrigerator.


If your Digimon gets sick or injured, this is how you heal them! There are two types of ailment: Dots and Skull. Dots means your Digimon is sick (probably because it’s TOO FAT) and Skull means your Digimon is Injured (probably because it LOST A BATTLE). When you select this icon, you choose which one your Digimon has, and it will be healed. Note that if your Digimon gets sick or injured 20 times, it will DIE. They are separate pools though, so you can get sick 19 times and injured 19 times without dying.


Information about your history as a Tamer is stored here. You have four options to choose between:


Those little metal nodes on the top of your device aren’t just for show, you can use them to connect to another device!


If your Digimon needs you, it will call out to you with a few beeps, and this icon will light up. When this happens, act fast! If the call light goes out before you take care of the Digimon, that counts as a care mistake. The number of care mistakes you have will affect the outcome of your evolution. Calls may occur for the following reasons:

The call light will go out after 10 minutes for an empty meter, and after 30 minutes for a tired Digimon. Note that if you have sound off, calls will still occur.

Raising Digimon

Getting Started

It’s time to start raising your Digimon, pull that tab out! You’ll get a cute little splash screen and be asked to set the time. Use A to change the hours, B to change the minutes, and C to stop setting the clock. After this, the XAI begins!


XAI stands for X-Antibody Indicator. Apparently it's also a pun on the Japanese word for Dice, which makes sense, as the XAI is essentially a seven-sided die. The XAI was introduced with the Digimon Pendulum X, and returns for the Digital Monster X to serve a few purposes. In Training and Quest Mode, we already discussed how it affects your Digimon's attack pattern and battle difficulty, but a XAI roll is also peformed at the start of each day. As such, when you set the clock for the first time, the XAI will roll and give you a number. That number will determine what types of random encounters can happen today. These encounters will either be battles or item gifts. Once the first roll happens, you will be shown your first egg.


Once you see a bouncing egg on your screen, hatching has begun! After 1 minute of an egg being on screen, it will hatch, and immediately beep at you because it is STARVING! Feed it, train it, or just do whatever. Literally nothing you do during this stage matters, but it’s a nice warm up. After 10 minutes, the Digimon will evolve to its Baby II form.

Baby II

At this point, how you care for your Digimon begins to matter. Care mistakes are now being tracked on your device, but you won’t see a meter for that anywhere, so if you are concerned about that, you will just have to keep track separately. The number of care mistakes you make will decide your evolution paths, but the number of care mistakes you have resets after each evolution, they do not carry over.


Evolution will occur at set times, based on when the previous evolution occurred. The times are as follows:

The timer ticks as long as your Digimon isn’t frozen, so your Digimon will grow even while sleeping. So long as you don’t completely neglect your Digimon, you are pretty much guaranteed to reach the Perfect level. All evolutionary stages use Care Mistakes and one other metric to determine evolution outcome. Baby II and Child both take Effort into account, while Perfect, Ultimate and Super Ultimate all take Level into account.

Leveling Up

Every time you defeat an enemy Digimon in Quest Mode, you gain experience. With enough experience, you level up, and each level up grants new bonuses for your Digimon. The below table shows how much experience you need for each level, as well as what bonus you receive.

Level Exp Needed Increases
1 0  
2 50 HP+2
3 150 Power+10
4 500 Attack+1
5 800 HP+2
6 1000 HP+2, Power+10
7 1500 Attack+1
8 2000 HP+2
9 3000 Power+10
10 5000 HP+2

All bonuses are cumulative, so a level 10 Digimon would have all bonuses seen, resulting in HP+10, Power+30 and Attack+2. As you level up, your Attack Meter will also become easier to hit, and your Digimon will use stronger attack animations.


The older your Digimon is, the harder it is going to try to die. Potentially you could still keep it alive forever, but you aren’t going to. You’re going to go to a party one night and forget to freeze them before you leave. And then they will die. You monster. There are actually several ways your Digimon can die, including the following:

When a Digimon dies, it will either leave behind a computer or a sparkling egg, which we call a Traited Egg. A Traited Egg sets your minimum level to 3 instead of 1 for that Digimon, which is pretty nice! The exact method for receiving a Traited Egg is still being explored.

Sometimes though you may be able to prevent death! When a Digimon is about to die, it stops moving and lets out a series of cries that change pitch. By rapidly pressing the buttons in a certain way when this is happening, you can stop your Digimon from dying. The exact method behind this is still being explored.

For those of you that couldn’t save your Digimon, your Digimon has died and converted back into raw data. Oh well! LET’S MAKE A NEW ONE! Press A+B simultaneously to start a new egg, and justhe life cycle will begin anew.


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