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Digimon Pendulum Z

Below is a rundown of the various features that we can expect to see on the Digimon Pendulum Z. Items on this page are subject to change as new information is revealed.

New Features

Count Meter

Just like other Pendulum devices that came before it, you will need to shake the device to power up your Digimon for training and battles. Before shaking, you will be shown one or more arrows on the screen, and you must shake until you have filled that many arrows.

Jogress from Backup

While you can only raise one Digimon at a time, you will still be able to Jogress without connecting to another device. This can be done by raising one Jogressable Digimon, backing it up, and then raising another Digimon. You can then Jogress the Digimon you are raising with the Digimon in Backup.

Returning Features

The Digimon Pendulum Z is largely based on the Digital Monster X, so unless otherwise stated, all of the following will return in the same form that they had in the Digital Monster X.

Basic Care

Caring for Digimon on the Digimon Pendulum Z will basically be identical to other modern devices. Feeding, training, care mistakes and aging are all still around.

Leveling Up

As you win battles in the Colosseum, you will gain experience, and your Digimon will level up. Specifics for this unknown, but it's likely to be identical to the Digital Monster X in terms of max levels and influence on evolution.


Items can be won from the Colosseum, and it's likely we'll see the same items from the Digital Monster X return, except for the Seven Switch. The only confirmed item thusfar is Filling Meat.


So far this hasn't been referred to as Quest Mode, but it looks almost identical to the Quest Mode found in the Digital Monster X. Instead of "Areas" each set of battles is instead referred to as a "Level", implying that the idea isn't traveling around a map and instead doing a series of challenges, as it was on the DM20 and Pen20. Each level has at least two normal battles and one boss battle. Digimon from the original Pendulum devices appear here, but we don't yet know how many Levels there will be. Note that Baby II Digimon are able to battle as well.

Cold Mode

Turning the lights off while your Digimon isn't tired will once again put it into Cold Mode, which will pause your Digimon. They will not age, get hungry, weaken or get tired in this state.


There are two backup slots available, which will let you store the Digimon you are currently raising so you can raise another. If you backup using a filled slot, the Digimon that was backed up will come back out. Backup can be used to store Digimon for Jogressing.


The Digimon that you have raised will appear here.


The Digimon on your device can connect with the Digimon on another device to perform a Jogress evolution, allowing them to both reach a higher level. Not all Digimon are capable of Jogressing.

Major Unknowns

There's still a few pieces that haven't been revealed. I'm omitting features that have almost no chance of returning (for example, Napping hasn't been deconfirmed, but it's highly unlikely to return, so it won't be mentioned)


OK, obviously Effort is returning and will still likely affect at least evolution into Adult, if not Child as well, we just haven't actually seen it appear yet.

UPDATE! Confirmed, Effort is returning.

Heart Increments

The DMX featured half hearts and differing heart numbers depending on evolution stage. I expect this to return, but nothing has been shown yet.

UPDATE! Confirmed, half hearts are returning.


Unlikely to return, but it's possible. DP didn't appear on the DMX, which instead just required that your Digimon wasn't starving.

UPDATE! Deprecated, DP is not returning.

Excite Training

This one's a coin toss. Since it was tied to XAI, it's likely out, but I can also see them working it back in.

UPDATE! Deprecated, Excite Training is not returning.

Unlocking Evolutions in Quest Mode

Because Jogressing would be a major way to reach specific evolutions, Unlocking evolutions seems unnecessary, especially with the rosters not being that large. I fully expect this to be dropped for Quest Mode unlocks, HOWEVER; the Digimon unlocked via connections to other devices will likely be added to the same evolution tree as the rest of the roster, instead of as their own eggs, so we would still see evolution unlocks there.

UPDATE! Deprecated, Quest Mode unlocks are not returning, and connection unlocks are added to the same evolution tree as the main roster.

Random Encounters

Since this was a reference to the Pendulum X, it's likely gone, but then again other references such as the sound effects and items are still in place, so it could go either way.

UPDATE! Confirmed, Random Encounters are returning.

Giant Poop

Bandai has been strangely silent on this one.

UPDATE! We still don't know.

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