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If you don't know what something on the chart means, check the legend on the lower left.

When activating Adventure Missions, you will be given a series of 15 Areas each containing a Digimon from the DiM you are currently raising. Each area has a certain number of Miles that you must travel, at which point a predetermined Digimon will challenge you. The Digimon fought at each area for each DiM can be found below. On DiMs where you must clear Area 15 in order to access that evolutionary option, Unlock Boss will be marked as Yes. You can click on the below Digimon to see their stats.
DiM Area 1
500 Miles
Area 2
1000 Miles
Area 3
1000 Miles
Area 4
1000 Miles
Area 5
1000 Miles
Area 6
1500 Miles
Area 7
1500 Miles
Area 8
1500 Miles
Area 9
1500 Miles
Area 10
1500 Miles
Area 11
1500 Miles
Area 12
2000 Miles
Area 13
2000 Miles
Area 14
2000 Miles
Area 15
2500 Miles
Unlock Boss?
Impulse City Yes
Ancient Warriors Yes
Agumon Yes
Gabumon Yes
Volcanic Beat Yes
Blizzard Fang Yes
Infinite Tide Yes
Titan of Dust Yes
Hermit in the Jungle Yes
Nu Metal Empire Yes
Dynasty of the Evil Yes
Mad Black Roar Yes
True Shadow Howl Yes
Gammamon No
Angoramon No
Jellymon No
Guilmon EX Yes
Terriermon EX Yes
Renamon EX Yes
Primeval Warriors Yes
Espimon No
Ryudamon No
Dinosaur Roar Yes
Wolf Howl Yes
Agnimon EX No
Fairimon EX Yes
Chackmon EX Yes
Wolfmon EX No
Blitzmon EX Yes
Louwemon EX Yes
Medarot No
Black Roar No
Shadow Howl No
Guilmon GP No
Impmon GP No
Renamon GP No
Monodramon GP No