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Below are the primary differences between the various Digimon Vital Series models. The most full-featured device is currently the Vital Bracelet BE. This table can be scrolled left and right on smaller screens. Desktop users can hover over a specific row to see more details.

Details concerning the Vital Hero Digimon are from real-life tests, the manual includes incorrect information.
Vital Bracelet
Digital Monster
Digivice -V- Vital Hero Vital Bracelet BE
Color variants Ver.Black, Ver.White, Ver.Special Digivice -V- Black, Red, Blue Black, White, Digivice -VV-, 25th Anniversary Brown, 25th Anniversary Gray
Evolution timer decreases while asleep No Yes Yes Unconfirmed, likely Yes
Sleep Automatic Manual Manual Unconfirmed, likely Manual
Vital Values earned every 50 Miles 1* 4 4 Unconfirmed, likely 4
Vital Values lost while device not worn 50* 20 20 Unconfirmed, likely 20
Minimum number of Miles every 5 minutes required to avoid Vital Loss 30* 1 1 Unconfirmed, likely 1
Number of Trainings / Hard Missions per day 4 4 4 No Limit
Multi-device DiM Card limit 1 3 3 No Limit
Card support DiM (JP & EN), VBM** DiM (JP & EN), VBM** DiM (JP & EN), VBM** DiM (JP & EN), VBM, BE Memory
Device PVP Battle Method VS Memory VS Memory VS Memory Unknown (May only support PVP battles via app)
Digimon on device 2 2 2 4
Backup Digimon aid in NFC battles No No No Yes
Training increases stats No No No Yes
Mood Changes affect AP Yes Yes Yes No
Vital Values increase HP Yes Yes Yes No
App support Vital Bracelet Lab,
Battle App
Vital Bracelet Lab,
Battle App
Vital Bracelet Lab,
Battle App
Vital Bracelet Lab,
Battle App,
Vital Bracelet Characters Lab
Tamer Rank Yes Yes Yes No
Evolution Unlocks on DiM / BE Memory 1 1 1 Multiple
Maximum Digimon per DiM / BE Memory 17 17 17 23
Jogress Evolution Yes Yes Yes Specific cross-DiM Jogress only
Water Resistance Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated IPX4
Language (literally just the words "Attribute" and "Stage", all other words are English) Japanese Japanese English Unconfirmed, likely Japanese