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News and Updates

Digital Monster Color announced, available for pre-order
Digimon Web Official Twitter - 11:00, 29 Aug 2022 ET

Vital Bracelet BE goes up for pre-order
Premium Bandai - 21:15, 28 Jul 2022 ET

Vital Bracelet releasing in the US as "Vital Hero Digimon" on July 21. Two colors, each with their own DiM
Bandai / Amazon - 11:31, 01 Jun 2022 ET

DiM Volumes 1-3 also releasing in the US on July 21
Bandai / Amazon - 11:31, 01 Jun 2022 ET

New DM20 English colors available for pre-order, releasing July 8th
Amazon - 17:56, 22 May 2022 ET

Bandai has acknowledged roster error on DMX2, no timeline for when devices will start shipping again
Bandai's Digimon X Page - 21:49, 19 Apr 2022 ET

New DM20 English colors coming this fall
Digimon Con - 01:57, 27 Feb 2022 ET

Agnimon and Wolfmon DiM Cards announced
Digimon Con - 23:08, 26 Feb 2022 ET

Digital Monster X2 English available for pre-order
Amazon - 21:40, 20 Dec 2021 ET

Digivice -V- now shipping
Amazon - 08:56, 02 Oct 2021 ET

Digivice -V- Announced as new Vital Bracelet model
With The Will - 21:32, 01 Aug 2021 ET

Digital Monster X English now shipping
Amazon - 18:14, 19 Jul 2021 ET

Digital Monster X available for pre-order at EB Games Australia
EB Games - 21:48, 04 May 2021 ET

Digital Monster X available for pre-order at Amazon US
Amazon - 08:05, 23 Apr 2021 ET

Vital Bracelet Digital Monster section added
Digitama Hatchery - 10:07, 15 Mar 2021 ET

Digital Monster X English releases this Summer
DigiNavi - 07:00, 12 Mar 2021 ET

Pendulum Z Evolution Guide Complete
Digitama Hatchery - 15:10, 13 Jan 2021 ET

Pendulum Z has begun shipping, all Wave 1 Digimon verified
Digitama Hatchery - 08:31, 16 Nov 2020 ET

Pendulum Z official Let's Play blog, Part 2
Mon Mon Memo - 04:04, 04 Nov 2020 ET

Pendulum Z Virus Busters Roster revealed
Digimon Web - 23:10, 26 Oct 2020 ET

Pendulum Z Metal Empire Roster revealed
Digimon Web - 00:30, 19 Oct 2020 ET

Pendulum Z official Let's Play blog, Part 1
Mon Mon Memo - 03:39, 16 Oct 2020 ET

Details on PenZ unlockable Digimon
Mon Mon Memo - 04:43, 08 Oct 2020 ET

Pendulum Z wave 2 revealed, pre-orders go live at 22:00 US Eastern
With The Will - 20:09, 04 Oct 2020 ET

Device Colors added to Versions section for DM20
Digitama Hatchery - 13:25, 24 Aug 2020 ET

Meicoo Egg confirmed for 3 colors of the English DM20 wave 3
Reddit - 17:31, 17 Aug 2020 ET

Known Features added for Digimon Pendulum Z
Digitama Hatchery - 18:00, 03 Aug 2020 ET

DM20 Wave 3 available for pre-order on Amazon and Gamestop
Amazon - 10:18, 01 Aug 2020 ET

Additional gameplay and roster details for the Digimon Pendulum Z
Mon Mon Memo - 01:53, 29 Jul 2020 ET

DMX Style Cut-Ins Return for the Pendulum Z
Digimon Web - 11:24, 27 Jul 2020 ET

Digimon Pendulum Z Production Interview
Mon Mon Memo - 05:57, 20 Jul 2020 ET

New English DM20 Colors Coming to GameStop in US
humulos Twitter - 13:50, 25 Jun 2020 ET

New Colors for English DM20 Revealed, AU Pre-Orders
With The Will - 02:12, 24 Jun 2020 ET

Pendulum Z Nightmare Soldiers roster revealed
Digimon Web - 22:08, 21 Jun 2020 ET

Unlockable Digimon in the Pendulum Z
Mon Mon Memo - 07:16, 15 Jun 2020 ET

Pendulum Z Deep Savers roster revealed
Digimon Web - 22:22, 14 Jun 2020 ET

Cold Mode returns for the Digimon Pendulum Z
Digimon Web Official Twitter - 12:20, 10 Jun 2020 ET

Incomplete Digimon List added to Digimon Pendulum Z section
Digitama Hatchery - 17:43, 09 Jun 2020 ET

Pendulum Z Folder Continent Report #1- Nature Spirits Lineup
With The Will - 22:51, 06 Jun 2020 ET

Sub-site for Digimon Pendulum Z added to Digimon Web, includes Nature Spirits roster
Digimon Web - 22:30, 06 Jun 2020 ET

Digimon Pendulum Z Info, Images, and Pre-Orders
With The Will - 19:14, 06 Jun 2020 ET

Digimon Pendulum Z Store Page
P-Bandai - 19:00, 06 Jun 2020 ET

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On the Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th, which Vaccine Digimon evolves into Marin Angemon?

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