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If you don't know what something on the chart means, check the legend on the lower left.


Vital Bracelet BE

This guide focuses on the Digimon franchise, but can mostly be applied to the Vital Bracelet BE in general. Not all features available on Digimon BE Memories will be avaialble for other franchises. Click on a heading to learn about that topic. If you are new to this device, click Expand All Topics to read through everything at once.



Before using your Vital Bracelet, you should be aware of the following points of caution:

  • This device is rated IPX4 for water resistence, which means that it can tolerate small splashes of water such as ones from getting caught in the rain or washing your hands. In general, it's best to avoid prolonged exposure to water still, and you definitely should not submerge it.
  • Do not use chemicals, including alcohol, to clean your device. This will damage the screen, so use a dry cloth instead.
  • BE Memory cards are intended only to fit in one direction, so make sure to insert them into your device with the image on the BE Memory facing you, to avoid damage. Also make sure to leave them in until the device instructs you to remove them.
  • Do not toss BE Memory cards after you use them for the first time, they are required for swapping areas and for reloading Digimon from the app. You can also continue to use them to start new eggs.
  • Unlike previous Vital Bracelet models, there is no limit to the number of devices that can share a single BE Memory or Original Dim card.
  • For best battery longevity, try to keep your device between 80% and 20% charged if possible. A Micro USB cable either plugged into a computer USB port or a standard USB charger that outputs 5v or less of power should be used for best results.
  • The device does not have a particularly strong taste, but don't eat it anyway.

Buttons and Ports

Before you start using your device, it’s important to know what its buttons are.

  • Select Button (••) - Located on the right side of the device, above the Micro USB port. Its functions are as follows:
    • Bring up the main menu from the Home Screen
    • Change the currently selected menu item
    • Hold together with the Confirm button to put your Digimon to sleep.
  • Confirm Button (•) - Located on the right side of the device, below the Micro USB port. Confirms the item currently in focus. Also initiates battles when they occur. Long pressing this button will take you out of the current menu.
    • Confirm the currently selected option
    • Initiate battle
    • Bring up the player record from the Home Screen
    • Long press to exit menu
    • Long press to run from battle
    • Hold for 10 seconds to power off the device
    • When the device is powered off, hold for 4 seconds to power on the device
    • Hold together with the Select button to put your Digimon to sleep.
  • Micro USB Port - Located on the right side of the device, used to charge the battery. It should take up to 4 hours to reach a full charge. The battery is stated to last 18 hours, with 1 hour of activity on average, but your results may vary.
  • BE Memory Port - Located on the left side of the device, this is where BE Memory cards are inserted. Always make sure the image on the BE Memory is facing you when inserting. It also accepts microSD cards for firmware updates.

Getting Started

When powering on your device for this first time, you will be asked to set the date and time. Use the Select Button to change the values, and the Confirm button to set them. You can then choose what type of default avatar you would like to have. This avatar doesn't evolve and can't be transferred to the app, and is just there as a way to use the device in some way without a BE Memory. To save battery, your device screen will turn off on its own. It can be woken by pressing either the Select or Confirm button.

Inserting BE Memory Cards

The Vital Bracelet Be is pretty boring without BE Memory cards, these are where the actual Digimon come from. BE Memory cards can contain up to 23 Digimon to raise, but they may contain fewer depending on the specific BE Memory. Original Dim cards (and VBM cards for Ultraman/Kamen Rider fans) that released for the Vital Bracelet Digital Monster and its follow-ups can also be used, which contain up to 17 Digimon. Collectively, all Digimon branded cards are referred to as Dim, whether they are BE Memory cards or Original Dim cards. Dim cards of any variety can be used with any number of Vital Bracelet BEs. To load a BE Memory, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your device is sufficiently charged
  2. Turn on the screen, make sure you are currently on the Home Screen
  3. Insert the BE Memory with the image on the BE Memory facing you
  4. Do not remove the BE Memory while data is transferring, as this can potentially corrupt data
  5. Do not power off the device while data is transferring for the same reason
  6. The transfer should complete after about 50 seconds, and an accepted message will appear
  7. When the device shows an arrow pointing to the left, remove the BE Memory

After the first BE Memory has been loaded, inserting any BE Memory again will load a new egg if there is an empty slot on the Vital Bracelet. If there is no empty slot, you will be prompted to delete a Digimon to continue.

If at any point a failure message appears, remove the BE Memory as instructed and re-insert it when prompted. Previous models of Vital Bracelet also used a VS Dim for local battling, this is not compatible with the Vital Bracelet BE.

Please note that all Dim cards released between March 2021 and October 2022 for the original Vital Bracelet Digital Monster, Digivice -V- and Vital Hero will always be referred to as Original Dim cards on all pages of thise website. Ones released for the Vital Bracelet BE are referred to as BE Memory Dim cards. If there is no need to distinguish between Digimon cards, the generic term Dim will be used. Dim is only used to refer to Digimon cards, BE Memories for other franchises and VBM cards are not called Dim cards.

Model Differences

The Vital Bracelet BE comes in several colors, but all colors are functionally identical, regardless of which series they are associated with. This means if you buy a device that's branded with one franchise, such as My Hero Academia, you can still use BE Memory cards from other franchises on that device. The Vital Bracelet BE does differ in several ways from previous Vital Bracelet Digital Monster devices, so please reference this page for a complete list of differences between models.

Firmware Updates

Bandai releases firmware updates for the Vital Bracelet BE irregularly to adjust functionality of the Vital Bracelet BE. The currently available updates and their details can be found here.

While theoretically any fat32 formatted microSD card with 32 GB of storage or less should work, users have had issues specifically with the Sandisk Ultra series. If your microSD card doesn't seem to work, attempt to reformat it as fat32 or try a different microSD card.

Hatching Your First Digimon

After the first BE Memory has been loaded, you will be prompted to wear the Vital Bracelet on your wrist if you aren't already. This will allow the device to check your heart rate. A Digitama will appear on screen, and will hatch once the process is complete. From there, you will be taken to the Home Screen.

Home Screen and Menus

The Vital Bracelet BE has several different options that display different information. From the Home Screen, you can press the Select button to cycle between the different menu options, and press the Select button to open that option.

The Home Screen

The Home Screen is the primary view for the Vital Bracelet. Here, you can see the following:

  • Digimon - An image of the Digimon you are currently raising and its current status. The statuses are as follows:
    • Neutral
    • Happy - Indicated by a smiling face icon above the Digimon. Happy Digimon will have increased Attack in battle and gain more Vital Values from walking.
    • Upset - Indicated by a frowning face icon above the Digimon. Upset Digimon will have decreased Attack in battle, and gain fewer Vital Values from walking.
    • Running - Indicated by a running animation with a sweating icon. Occurs when your heartrate is high while gaining Miles.
    • Training - Indicated by a weight lifting or wall breaking animation with a sweating icon. Occurs when your heart rate is high while not gaining Miles.
    • Walking - Indicated by a walking animation. Occurs whengaining Miles with an average or moderate heart rate.
    • Sleeping - Indicated by Z icons above the Digimon. Occurs when you put your Digimon to sleep by holding both buttons for a few seconds. Sleeping Digimon cannot gain or lose Vital Values, train, fight Battles or go on Adventure Missions.
    • Injured - Indicated by a skull icon above the Digimon. Occurs when losing in battle while your Digimon is Upset. Continuing to use your device while it is injured will prevent it from healing, and battling while injured or getting injuired too many times will kill your Digimon.
    • Treatment - Indicated by first-aid icons above the Digimon. Occurs when you take off your device while it is injured, required to heal it.
    • Untethered - Indicated by a crying face icon above the Digimon while you aren't wearing the Vital Bracelet. This means your Digimon cannot sense your heart rate, and will die if left this way for 24 hours.
  • The current time
  • Vital Values - Your Digimon feeds off of these. Vital Values are earned from gaining Miles and winning battles. They gradually deplenish on their own over time when you aren't active, and will also decrease after losing a battle. You will gain 4 Vital Values for every 50 miles you gain. When your Digimon is happy, it will get double the Vital Values it normally would. If it is upset or injured, it will gain half as many. If you go 5 minutes without wearing your Vital Bracelet while your Digimon is awake, you will lose 20 Vital Values. You will get an HP bonus in battle depending on how many Vital Values you currently have.
  • Miles - Each step you take while wearing the Vital Bracelet counts as one Mile covered for your Digimon.
  • Approximate battery life


Your Digimon's current stats can be found here.

  • Name - The Digimon's name, in Japanese
  • Limit - How many hours you have left to raise your Digimon's stats. Once it hits 0, Training will no longer increase PP, BP, HP or AP. This timer will not decrease while in backup or while the device is off, but will decrease while sleeping.
  • Rank - A letter grade assigned based on how much you have raised its AP, BP and HP stats through Training. The rank itself does not do anything and does not provide you with any benefit, it is just a shorthand for knowing how much you have trained for that particular evolutionary stage. Higher stages will require more total stat increases for a higher rank. The chart below shows the minimum combined total stat value for increasing in each rank.
    Stage / Rank D C B A S
    I 0 30 45 90 300
    II 0 50 75 150 500
    III 0 100 150 300 1000
    IV 0 150 225 450 1500
    V 0 200 300 600 2000
    VI 0 300 450 900 2997
  • Evolutionary Stage - The Digimon's current Stage, in Japanese. Digimon from Original Dim cards will instead say PHASE along with the number for that Stage.
  • Attribute - The Digimon's attribute, either Vaccine (■), Data (▲), Virus (●) or Free (-). Vaccine Digimon are stronger than Virus, Virus Digimon are stronger than Data, and Data Digimon are stronger than Vaccine. Free Digimon have no advantages or disadvantages, and some Digimon don't have an attribute at all. For the purposes of this guide, Digimon without an attribute are classified as Free. Keep this in mind when determining whether or not to accept battles, as attribute advantage will increase your chance to hit you opponent, while being at a disadvantage will reduce that chance
  • App Ability Rarity - When you transfer your Digimon to the Vital Bracelet Arena App, it will be randomly assigned an App Ability which can be used in app battles. This does not have any affect on the Digimon while on the Vital Bracelet, and this stat only indicates the rarity of your current ability. The ability will be reset when the Digimon evolves. The possible rarities are N, R, SR, SSR, UR, LR and PR.
  • Battle Stats - In white you are shown the Digimon's base stats, which are the same for all Digimon of that same species. The yellow numbers are your current increase of that stat from training. Digimon from Original Dim cards cannot have their stats increased.
    • BP - Battle Power - Determines how likely your shots are to connect. Increased by Dash Training. On the device, this stat is influenced by attribute advantage (see above). In the app, it's used as defense.
    • HP - Hit Points - How much damage your Digimon can take before losing a battle. Increased by Crunch Training. On the device, you receive a bonus to HP during battle depending on how many Vital Values you currently have.
    • AP - Attack Points - How much damage your shots will deal to your opponents. Increased by Punch Training. On the device, you receive a bonus to AP during battle when your Digimon is happy, but it is decreased if your Digimon is upset.
  • Evolution History - While on the Battle Stats screen, press the Confirm button instead of the Select button to view the Digimon that your current Digimon evolved from.
  • Evolution Stats - Shows how many of each stat you have that are relevant to evolution. Different combinations of stats will result in different evolutions, which can be checked on the following screens, or right here.
    • Vital Values - Your Digimon feeds off of these. Vital Values are earned from gaining Miles and winning battles. They gradually deplenish on their own over time when you aren't active, and will also decrease after losing a battle. You will gain 4 Vital Values for every 50 miles you gain. When your Digimon is happy, it will get double the Vital Values it normally would. If it is upset or injured, it will gain half as many. If you go 5 minutes without wearing your Vital Bracelet while your Digimon is awake, you will lose 20 Vital Values. You will get an HP bonus in battle depending on how many Vital Values you currently have.
    • Battles - The number of battles your Digimon has fought, either from NFC connections or from Adventure Missions. Battles in the app do not count toward this stat.
    • Win Percent - The percentage of battles that you have won. Battles in the app do not count toward this stat.
    • PP - Known as Trophies on previous versions of the Vital Bracelet, these are increased by doing Squat Training. If you are raising a Digimon from an Original Dim card, any kind of Training will increase PP.
  • Next Evolutions - If your Digimon can evolve further, you will be shown a screen for each potential evolution, along with how long it has until it will evolve and what stats are needed for that specific evolution. As of Ver.2.0.A, the stats under an evolution will display in yellow if you currently have fulfilled that condition. If a Digimon is locked behind Adventure Missions, it cannot be evolved into and will not be displayed until that Adventure Mission has been cleared. This is a sinful feature and should not have been included.


There are four types of Training, where you will be asked to do a specific type of exercise for 20-30 seconds. If you get the minimum number of reps, you will score 'Good', but if you do sufficiently better with an increased heart rate, you will score 'Great'. Each Training type rewards an increase in a different stat. If you are using an Original Dim card, battle stats cannot be increased, so each Training type will only reward PP. Once your 100 hour limit is up for your Digimon, you will no longer get any stats for completing trainings.

  • Squat - 2 PP for Great, 1 for Good. PP a stat used purely for evolution.
  • Crunch - 10 HP for Great, 5 for Good. HP is how much health you have in battle.
  • Punch - 10 AP for Great, 5 for Good. AP is how much damage your attacks do.
  • Dash - 10 BP for Great, 5 for Good. BP determines how likely it is that your attacks will hit your opponent.

Adventure Mission

A series of stages wherein you walk a specific number of Miles and fight a boss Digimon at the end. BE Memories have 12 stages, while Original Dim cards have 15. In some cases you will be able to unlock evolution options by cleaing specific stages of Adventure Missions, which will be noted in the evolution guide on this site. In addition to unlocking evolution routes, Adventure Missions are how you obtain Secret Babies. Secret Babies are Digimon that you will obtain from simply clearing an Adventure Stage, and will be placed in your backup. If your backup is full, you will be given the option to delete a Digimon, including the Secret Baby. Stages with Secret Babies are indicated with a star next their number, and you can clear that stage again to obtain the Secret Baby again. Note that not all BE Memories have Secret Babies, check the evolution guide on this site to see which ones do. Stages will only become available when the previous stage has been cleared. You can use the Select button to end an Adventure Mission at any time, but your progress in the current stage will not remain. You do not need to clear stages again to unlock evolution paths for that Dim card, they will remain unlocked as long as you have your device unless you factory reset it. Note that clear status for Adventure Missions does not currently transfer to the app.


The Vital Bracelet can store up to four Digimon at once time. If you would like to backup your current Digimon to raise a different one, you can use this menu to do so. While in backup, your Digimon does not age and its stats remain frozen. If you already have a Digimon in backup, you can swap it out with the Digimon currently being raised. If you don't have a Digimon in backup already, your Home Screen will be left blank after backing up. You can insert a Dim card at any time to load a new Digimon. If your raising slot is filled and you have no backup slots available, you will be prompted to delete one of your Digimon to make room for the new one. A fifth slot is always occupied by the default avatar, and this cannot be overwritten.

Digimon in backup can be chosen as Support Digimon. This will be automatically done for the first Digimon you backup, and can be changed to another Digimon by long pressing the Select button on its backup slot. Support Digimon will come to your Digimon's aid in battle when its health is low to attack alongside it. Note that Digimon can only support other Digimon from the same BE Memory franchise, so you can't have My Hero Academia characters supporting Digimon. Digimon from original Dim cards cannot be supported in battle, nor can they be used as support, despite the fact that they can still be designated as such.


This feature was introduced in Ver.2.0.A. If you do not have access to the Item menu, see the Firmware Updates section above for information on installing the latest update.

From this menu you can give your Digimon an item that you acquired from NFC battles. The following items are obtainable:

  • Dash Multiplier - Multiplies the amount of BP you get from Dash Training by 3 for 1 hour
  • Squat Multiplier - Multiplies the amount of PP you get from Squat Training by 3 for 1 hour
  • Punch Multiplier - Multiplies the amount of AP you get from Punch Training by 3 for 1 hour
  • Crunch Multiplier - Multiplies the amount of HP you get from Crunch Training by 3 for 1 hour
  • All Training Multiplier - Multiplies the amount of BP, PP, AP and HP you get from their respective training types by 3 for 3 hours
  • 5 Hour Limit Boost - Adds 5 hours to the Limit timer*
  • 10 Hour Limit Boost - Adds 10 hours to the Limit timer*
  • Vital Value Reward Multiplier - Doubles the amount of Vital Values you get from winning a Battle for 3 hours

*The Limit timer cannot be increased above 99 hours

You can only have one item stored at a time, but when winning an item from an NFC battle you will be given the option whether to keep your existing item or the new one. Likewise, your Digimon can only have one item active at a time, so giving it a new item while one is currently active will remove the effect of the first item. Items are consumed upon use. When an item is currently active, you will see two triangles above your Digimon on the Home screen. For items with timers associated, those timers will be paused any time the Limit and Evolution timers are paused, which includes putting your Digimon in backup or turning off your device. Timers do not pause while sleeping.

Items are awarded in a specific pattern, which Cyanic has documented here.


By installing the Vital Bracelet Arena app on supported smartphones, you can transfer your Digimon to your smartphone to gain access to additional features. As of this moment, the app is currently available on iOS and Android. If the app is not available in your region, you may need to create an account in another region, or sideload using a service like QooApp.

I won't be going over full details on using the app here, as most features are described within the app itself, but I will at least describe the most important pieces.

Transferring Digimon

  1. Open the Vital Bracelet Arena app
  2. Choose your device and series
  3. Select the Send option
  4. Choose Connect on your Vital Braclet BE
  5. Choose App LogLink
  6. Wait for the TOUCH! alert to appear
  7. Click Transfer Data in the App
  8. Hold your phone's NFC sensor to the screen of your Vital Bracelet
  9. Once the app confirms the transfer, separate the phone from the device.

Retrieving a Digimon from the app follows a few more steps.

  1. Open the Vital Bracelet Arena app
  2. Choose your device and series
  3. Select the Assign option
  4. If the Digimon you wish to send is currently in your formation, remove it
  5. Long press the Digimon and select Send
  6. On your Vital Bracelet, make sure you have an open slot either on the Home Screen or in Backup, otherwise you will be prompted to delete a Digimon.
  7. Choose Connect on your Vital Braclet BE
  8. Choose App LogLink
  9. Wait for the TOUCH! alert to appear
  10. Follow the prompts on the app until it asks you connect the Vital Bracelet
  11. Hold your phone's NFC sensor to the screen of your Vital Bracelet
  12. Wait for the app to display a prompt for the next step.
  13. The Vital Bracelet may now prompt you to put in the appropriate BE Memory, do so now and wait for the device to prompt you to remove it. Do so. This step will be required if you turned off your device since you last transferred with the app, or if you swapped to a Digimon from a different Dim card in backup.
  14. Press the button in the middle of the app and bring the devices together again.
  15. Wait for the app to display a prompt for the next step.
  16. Press the button in the middle of the app and bring the devices together one more time.
  17. Wait for the transfer animation to occur.
  18. Separate the device from your phone.

App Features

Here are some of the more notable features that you can do with the app:

  • Store Digimon - You can store up to 200 Digimon in the app.
  • Battle Online - You can select two Digimon to be in your formation, and fight them against other players in real time.


  • Battles in the app don't count for evolution.
  • Digimon are tied to your account, but you can only have the account active on one device at a time. You can restore your data using the Data Transfer option in the settings.
  • If the app is behaving weird for you, that's unfortunately normal at the moment.
  • Why do they move so fast

You may notice a second Connect menu option called Spot. This is for receiving items from specific NFC locations, but as of this moment there are no known NFC locations to use this feature with. Even if there were, they would probably be exclusively in Japan.


As it says on the tin, this will let you change the settings on the device.

  • Heart Rate (Heart icon) - Shows your resting heart rate in yellow, most recent heart rate in white. Your Digimon's activity level will change depending on how much higher your current heart rate is than your resting rate. You can force it to check your heart rate by holding both buttons on this screen.
  • Background (Rectangles icon) - Choose from one of three solid colors, or the special background for the current Digimon being raised.
  • Brightness (Sun icon) - Change how bright the display is. Higher brightnesses will make the screen easier to see in sunlight, but will use more battery.
  • Sound (Speaker icon) - Turn the sound on or off.
  • Time (Clock icon) - Change the time on the device. You can technically also use this to check the date, as useful as that is buried this deep.
  • Version (Info icon) - Gives you your current firmware version. Legend has it that firmware will be upgradeable via Micro SD card, but this has not been oficially announced yet.
  • Factory Reset (ALL RESET icon) - Delete all content from the device and return it to original settings. Do only as a last resort.

BE Memory

Despite the fact that you can insert a BE Memory on the Home screen and get a new Digimon, there is also a dedicated menu option for this process. Choosing this and inserting a BE Memory does the same thing as it does on the Home screen.


Use this to shut down your device. Alternatively you can long press the Confirm button for 10 seconds to do the same thing.

Raising Digimon

Activity Type

In addition to its Attribute, each Digimon species has a specific Activity Type. This type determines when it does its Super Hit in battle. In previous Vital Bracelet models, it had a few other purposes, but those have been done away with. All Digimon now react to exercise the same way, instead of preferring specific types of exercise There are 5 activity types in total, which aren't listed in your device's stats. Instead, you can find your Digimon's activity type by checking the evolution guide on this site.

Activity Type Super Hit
Stoic Turn 1
Active Turn 2
Normal Turn 3
Indoor Turn 4
Lazy Turn 5


Battles occur when you touch your device with the screen on to a host NFC source or when you reach the end of an Adventure Mission. Battles can only be done by Digimon that are Stage III or higher. Regardless of how they are initiated, battles all play out the same way. First, a warning message will appear. Pressing the Confirm button will display the Digimon that is challenging you. Pressing Confirm again will start the battle, or long pressing Select will allow you to flee. After the battle begins, it will play out automatically, with the Digimon exchanging up to 5 shots with each other. The first Digimon to lose all their HP, or the Digimon with the least amount of HP left after 5 rounds, will lose. You will gain or lose Vital Values depending on the outcome of the battle, which is described in the table at the bottom of this section. Battles outcomes are affected by the following stats. If you click on a Digimon in the evolution guide, you can see its base stats.

  • BP - Battle Power, which is how likely your shots are to connect
  • Attribute - If your Digimon has an attribute advantage, it will be more likely to hit its opponent
  • HP - How much damage the Digimon can take
  • Vital Values - HP is increased depending on how many Vital Values you have. The amount increased is 3% HP for 2,500 Vital Values, 6% for 5,000 and 10% for 7,500.
  • AP - How much damage each hit will do. Super Hits will do more damage
  • Status - AP is increased by 5% when you your Digimon is happy, and decreased by 5% when it is upset

For more details about the specifics of how the battle system works, please check out Cyanic's breakdown here. Below is a chart detailing how your Vital Values will change after each battle, depending on whether you win or lose. The amounts depend on the stage of your Digimon and the stage of the Digimon you fought. The first number in each cell is the number of Vital Values gained if you win, the second is the amount lost if you lose.

Your Digimon VS Stage III VS Stage IV VS Stage V VS Stage VI VS Stage VI+
III 200 / -160 300 / -100 600 / -20 1200 / -20 1800 / -20
IV 100 / -300 300 / -240 450 / -150 700 / -20 1400 / -20
V 20 / -600 150 / -450 400 / -320 600 / -400 800 / -20
VI 20 / -1200 20 / -700 400 / -600 500 / -400 750 / -500
VI+ 20 / -1800 20 / -1400 20 / -800 500 / -750 600 / -480

If you have a Digimon from the same Dim line in backup, it may assist you during battle when your health is low. Thank heavens because otherwise these battles would be largely impossible to win enough for evolution.

As of Ver.2.0.A, winning NFC battles may now reward you with an Item, please see the Item section above for more details.

Previous Vital Bracelet models included a VS Memory for fighting other players locally. The Vital Bracelet BE does not support the VS Memory, and cannot directly battle other players. You can only battle other players using the Vital Bracelet Arena app.

Injuries and Treatment

If your Digimon loses a battle while it is Upset, it will get injured. Getting injured four times in one day will kill your Digimon. You Digimon can still be injured again if it is already injured and you lose another battle while still Upset. To heal the injury, remove the device from your wrist so that it enters the Treatment state. Your Digimon will heal over time, with it taking 10 minutes for the first injury, 30 for the second and 60 for the third.

Evolution and Jogress

Evolution will occur at set times, based on when the previous evolution occurred. When your Digimon is ready to evolve, it will make a noise and show a pulse on the screen. Press the Confirm button to proceed with evolution, or long press the Confirm Button to Cancel evolution. The times are as follows:

Current Stage Original Name Localized Name Time to Next Stage
I Baby I In-Training I 1 Hour
II Baby II In-Training II 3 Hours
III Child Rookie 12 Hours (16 for Original Dim cards)
IV Adult Champion 24 Hours
V Perfect Ultimate 24 Hours
VI Ultimate Mega 3 Hours via Jogress, otherwise 24 Hours
VII Super Ultimate Ultra N/A

If a Digimon has fulfilled its specific requirements for reaching the next stage, it is guaranteed to do so. Time spent sleeping counts toward evolution, but time in backup or while the device is off does not. Keep in mind that not all Stage VI Digimon can evolve further (in fact, most can't). If you do not meet the requirements by the time the evolution timer finishes, or if you choose to stop evolution, the evolution timer will reset. Evolution conditions will be checked again after the same amount of time the initial timer was set for.

It is very important to note that Digimon can no longer earn PP after their 100 hour timer is expired, which also means they can no longer evolve after that point if they have not gained the required amount of PP for their next evolution.

Specific Digimon are able to evolve via Jogress, which takes the same amount of time as normal evolutions do. To Jogress, another specific Digimon must be in backup when the evolution timer runs out, and it must be designated as the Support Digimon (if it doesn't say Support in backup, long press the Select button to make it the Support Digimon). When evolving via Jogress, only the active Digimon evolves. The Digimon in backup remains in backup exactly as it was, and does not influence the stats of the evolved Digimon. Most Digimon cannot Jogress, and those that can will be noted on the evolution guide. Any evolution from an Original Dim Card that states to Jogress with specific stage Digimon of a specific attribute (Vaccine Adult, Virus Perfect etc.) will not work on the Vital Bracelet BE. All Jogress evolutions that give the name and Dim card of a specific Digimon will work.


Your Digimon will die under the following conditions

  • Getting injured 4 times in one day
  • Not wearing your Vital Bracelet for 24 hours (time spent sleeping or in backup does not count towards the 24 hours)

When it dies, you simply need to press the confirm button to start a new egg. Note that characters from franchises other that Digimon do not die.