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This page is for devices that have not released yet.

The Digimon that appear are all confirmed, but evolution conditions and stats will remain pending until after the devices have been released. The process of acquiring that data may take some time.

Before reviewing the below charts, I'd recommend toggling the Legend on the lower left to get familiar with what the different requirements mean. The button on the lower right will show an FAQ that answers many common questions about raising Digimon. You can click on any Digimon image below to see more details about that Digimon as well. Use the version selector above to display only charts that are available on your device, and use the abbreviations to jump to a specific chart.

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Care Mistakes

How many care mistakes are required to evolve. The number of full skulls indicates how many care mistakes are required, while half skulls indicate that a care mistake is optional. In the example to the left, no care mistakes are required, and the three half skulls mean that 1, 2 or 3 care mistakes will work as well, though 4 will not. For evolving into Stage III or IV, if 4 Care Mistakes are indicated as working for evolution, more than 4 Care Mistakes will also work. For evolving into Stage V or VI, more than 4 care mistakes will immediately kill your Digimon when it is time for it to evolve.


How many training sessions are required to evolve. Training sessions count whether successful or not. In the example to the left, you must train between 5 and 31 times to fullill this condition. You can use Effort Hearts to help keep tracking of your training, but these don't always line up exactly and can only count up to 16 trainings. For example, if I did 4 trainings I would have 1 Effort Heart. The example to the left requires 5 training, which would also display as 1 Effort Heart. Once you reach 16 trainings though, it's not possible to know how many you have done based on Effort Hearts, so Digimon with higher training requirements can't be kept track of this way.


Your Digimon only has 4 Hunger hearts, but it can eat more more than four times. If your Digimon does not have 4 Hunger hearts, keep feeding it meat until it refuses to eat anymore. That counts as one Overfeed. In order to Overfeed again, wait until it loses at least one Hunger heart and start feeding again.

Sleep Disturbances

How many times you have awoken your Digimon after it falls asleep. You can wake a sleeping Digimon by attempting to feed, train or battle with it.

Other Conditions Not Met

If you raise a Digimon that doesn't meet the requirements for other evolutions, it will follow this path. For example, if you have Betamon, and you get 4 care mistakes, but you train 32 times, you will get Numemon. You don't get Devimon or Meramon since they require 3 or fewer Care Mistakes, and you don't get Airdramon or Seadramon since they require 8-31 training.

Fulfill Battles

This indicates that your Digimon needs to battle at least 15 times in its current form, and that it must have an 80% Win Ratio for a 100% chance to evolve. If you have 60% or higher, but less than 80%, you will have a 50% chance of evolution. If you have 40% or higher, but less than 60%, you will have a 25% chance of evolution. You will not be able to evolve if your Win Ratio is less than 40%.

Jogress With

What specific Digimon is needed for a Jogress Evolution. The sprite shown to the right indicates the specific Digimon needed to perform the Jogress. To perform a Jogress, the two Stage VI Digimon that are needed must do battle against each other in a Connection Battle. After the battle, the evoution will occur for both Digimon immediately.

If you aren't sure about something, take a minute and read throught the questions below, you may find your answer there. If not, try asking in the #help_and_questions channel at the Digitama Hatchery Discord Server.
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